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Work with Neurofeedback is the center of Dr. Matthews' practice today, comprising the majority of services provided. The astonishing reality is that Neurofeedback in its many variations offers functional recovery to those suffering an apparently improbable array of disorders. It is best to see Neurofeedback not as one treatment, but many. In the hands of the specialist, operant training of the brain electrophysiological activity offers psychology and medicine a new pharmacopoeia, without drugs. It offers every person the joy of approaching his or her own greatest potentials.

Neurofeedback is generally expected to result in changes to the qEEG, but is best evaluated by the resultant changes in overall function, such as a stable improvement in affect (mood state), cognition, behavior, or general sense of well-being. Our experience has shown that sometimes 20 - more often 40 - sessions are required for improvements to be enduring. Head injury, attention deficit disorder, and other serious problems often require additional sessions. If a client's clinical condition is progressive, then ongoing refresher sessions will be periodically required for improvements to be sustained.

These expectations are based on published findings, the clinical experience of many leading Neurofeedback providers, and also reflect our own clinical experience. They are not as yet demonstrated by controlled research. It must be understood, no assertions can be made that Neurofeedback will arrest or cure underlying pathology. National professional associations and certification agencies include the International Society for Neuronal Regulation (iSNR), and the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA). 

The treatment protocols are based on the work first conducted by Dr. Sterman at UCLA Medical School (See: Sterman, M.B., Basic Concepts and Clinical Findings in the Treatment of Seizure Disorders with EEG Operant Conditioning. Clinical Encephalography, 31(1), Jan. 2000, p.45-55.), then modified and extended by many professional contributors to the field since his groundbreaking research. Today there are three national professional societies that include Neurofeedback in their charter, and several credentials of professional competence. Dr. Matthews belongs to each organization and holds the key credentials.

Operant conditioning of EEG (neurofeedback) is classified as an experimental intervention, for which there is increasing published evidence of efficacy and safety. Home training is a new way of delivering Neurofeedback. Some half-dozen companies are offering FDA compliant training systems, which may be in continual development. You can expect the systems and their use to evolve with advancing experience.

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