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Dr. Tom Matthews
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Founder and clinical director Tom Matthews, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist highly experienced in Neurofeedback and psychophysiology. He is recognized by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. Additional credentials include BCIA Senior Fellow, BCIA-EEG Associate Fellow, and Q.EEG.T, meaning that Dr. Matthews focuses on brain and body function in addition to mind and behavior to reach the optimum outcome for clients, whether they are "high achievers" or those seeking to address major functional or cognitive problems.

While Dr. Matthews has been twice president of the Biofeedback Society of Kansas and a participant in several national organizations, he is primarily an experienced clinician with intensive clinical experience beginning in the mid-1970's. Since 1992, he has emphasized EMDR procedures in his practice of psychotherapy along with a host of complementary approaches (He has a Level II certification in EMDR).

For all of us, our goals, growth and healing occur in the context of our work and family systems, our medical and physical condition, our cognitive ability, emotional state, spiritual experience, and a host of other subtle variables. To this landscape, Dr. Matthews brings a broad theoretical perspective with emphasis on carefully selected and focused procedures to achieve specific outcomes. 

Dr. Matthews’ Background:

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