Our Mission:     Help you to Think Well, Feel Well, and Be Well.

To recognize our feelings and to feel good, our cognitive equipment must be operating properly. That is, we must think well to feel well.* Our spiritual well-being and our functioning in the environment depend on our feeling well, on having an uplifted state and perceiving our affect accurately. When present these states have a profound impact on our physical health. So, we need to feel well to be well. 

In Neurofeedback, we are fine tuning the cognitive functioning and the affective stability of the brain so that one may think well, feel well, and be well, in body, mind and spirit.

If I want to enjoy a wonderful arts or sports event on television, first I make sure that the equipment is working, that the components are adjusted as needed. Then I select the station, and I enjoy the event. In just the same way, we use mapping-defined neurofeedback to fine tune the brain's thinking and feeling, so that the game of life comes in clearly, and we enjoy the experience.

It is our primary goal, however ambitious, to provide clients a better-functioning central nervous system, to free them from the tyranny of past conditioning, to open the bounty of their memories to them, to teach them the means to self-regulation, to guide them to their highest potentials, and to do so humanely, without harm.

Our secondary goal is to create a Regional Center of Excellence in the practice of neurofeedback and Optimum Performance, based on state-of-the-art Quantitative EEG Brain Mapping, Psychology, and Applied Psychophysiology.

“Neurofeedback and EMDR so readily complement self-regulation, so easily fit with a clinician’s desire to empower clients, so transparently embody the principal elements of meditation, and so gracefully engage the spiritual domain, that I find it difficult to practice without recourse to each where called for.

Over three decades I have sought-out the pragmatic solutions with greatest quality and effectiveness for optimum health and functioning. We will continue to identify and implement solutions with the greatest merit and complementarity to the overall practice of Optimum Performance consultation.”

Tom Matthews, Ph.D. 4/2002

*Note that some brain scientists assert that cerebral function requires midbrain function, which is to say we must feel accurately to think accurately (Antonio D’Amato, Descartes’ Error).

"Think well, feel well, be well" is a registered trademark of Optimum Performance Solutions LLC.

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