Optimum Performance Solutions LLC provides clinical and consultation services in Topeka and across Kansas, with over twenty years experience in psychophysiology, psychology, and Performance Enhancement.

Utilizing innovative interventions and technology, we offer you the opportunity to reach your highest potential, whether that is achieving excellence, recovering from an accident or illness, or overcoming functional disadvantage. Our goal is always to help you reach your Optimum Performance.

Clinical areas of expertise: Recover, and overcome disadvantage.

  • Brain injury, attention deficit, learning deficit, developmental problems.
  • Depression, anxiety, panic.
  • Burn-out, stress-related medical problems.
  • Child and adolescent behavior problems.
  • Psychosocial Issues of Severe and Chronic Illness

Performance Enhancement:  Build the personal qualities and skills to succeed.

  • Experience "cognitive brightening" - balancing the nervous system to achieve optimal functioning.
  • Find emotional stability, focus, calmness under fire, self-assurance, resilience, and optimal energy.
  • Enter the zone at will, rehearse performance, release failures, summon serenity, visualize goals and success.
  • Set and achieve priorities, manage time and resources.
  • Succeed with people, listen actively, enable others, elicit their buy-in to your goals.

Service Specialties: 

Remote Services: - For either Clinical Services or Performance Enhancement

  • Neurofeedback continued at home after assessment and training in the office.
  • Telephone and email consultation, including Life Skills Coaching.

For a complete list of our services, please visit the Services section of this website.

Tom Matthews, Ph.D. is Founder and Clinical Director.

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