Optimum Performance Solutions LLC is a clinical and consultation services company located in Topeka Kansas, with over twenty years' experience in psychophysiology, psychology, and helping people reach their highest potential.

Founder and clinical director Tom Matthews, Ph.D., is a Kansas licensed psychologist, BCIA Senior Fellow, BCIA-EEG Associate Fellow, and Q.EEG.T. He is recognized by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He has twice served as president of the Biofeedback Society of Kansas and is active in several national organizations. An experienced psychotherapist, he has offered EMDR since 1992 (LEVEL II) in the context of a broad theoretical perspective with emphasis on cognitive behavioral interventions.

Professional services are provided by: Optimum Performance Solutions LLC.
    Optimum Performance Solutions LLC is a Kansas Limited Liability Company (for convenience,"OPS" below), with offices at:
    2709 SW 29th Street, Suite 102, Topeka, Kansas 66614
"Optimum Performance Solutions" is a trademark of OPS.   "Think well, Feel well, Be well" is a registered trademark of OPS.

Beyond VR LLC is a software company producing true virtual reality human-to-computer interfaces, with a focus on physiological monitoring/ training (often called biofeedback and neurofeedback). It provides a proprietary Cybernetic Interface System (CIS) as well as training displays to system manufacturers in applied psychophysiology and related fields.  It is a Kansas Limited Liability Company fully independent of OPS.

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Operant conditioning of EEG (neurofeedback) is classified as an experimental intervention, for which there is increasing evidence of efficacy and safety published in appropriate professional journals.

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