Remote Services - Telephone, Online, or Computer-based.

We provide services by telephone, email, and using computer-based training equipment at your location. These remote services can reduce costs substantially, and you avoid the time and trouble of travel. Often our services are not available from local sources. Our clients come from large metropolitan areas and from rural areas across our region.

We offer Consultation and Life Skills Coaching by phone and email. To begin, you schedule your appointments and pay for a block of contacts by credit card. Phone contacts usually are less expensive, because they are shorter than office visits. Each is followed by an email reply to provide goals, plans, and continuity. Sometimes it is useful to have assignments between sessions. We may suggest self-guided stress management or biofeedback solutions, and help you select any necessary technology.

When your goals involve Neurofeedback, you may be able to do most of your training at home. The training continues at your location after you complete the in-office assessment, learn to use the equipment, and we are confident the training is stable. You lease the equipment and can therefore train more frequently, with weekly phone consultations. The equipment and software are designed to minimize user errors. We do our best to assure safe and successful training, and decide on a case basis whether remote neurofeedback is the right choice.

Generally, insurance does not cover remote services.

There are risks, benefits, safeguards, and privacy matters to consider. Please follow this link for details.

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