Performance Enhancement Consultation

The first step in performance enhancement consultation is to define your goals, and any limit or ceiling you are encountering. What are your strengths? Where do you want to be, when? What factors are slowing you in reaching your goals, or what could speed your success?

Working together we build a positive plan, based on specific steps to reach your goals. Your plan may include one or more of the assessments and interventions we offer other clients, or may consist more of a coaching arrangement.

Your plan may require face-to-face consultations consisting of individual evaluations or interventions, and may allow remote consultations by telephone or email. For example, if you plan to do neurofeedback, then the qEEG and other computerized assessment require you to come to the office, as does the start of training. Later in many cases we can offer remote neurofeedback after the initial training, so you can continue training at your location with weekly phone consultation. EMDR is done face-to-face. However, other verbal interactions can be remote.

Components of your Performance Enhancement Consultation.

  • Coaching. We offer telephone and email coaching as one way to deliver your Performance Enhancement Consultation. Telephone consultation can be so much more convenient, allowing you to do in a half-hour from your desk what would easily require more than an hour in driving and meeting time. If we are not in your city the advantages become dramatic. And shorter sessions can be more cost-effective. Email is an excellent way to complement our real-time communications, allowing you the freedom to focus on your goals without having to meet our schedule. There are risks and benefits to remote services.
  • EMDR.  There are excellent applications of EMDR to performance enhancement. EMDR is particularly helpful in removing blocks to achievement, and building mental strengths and resources. Self-defeating behaviors, attitudes and beliefs can be modified, and replaced with high-functioning behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. You can remove blocks due to past failure. If there is a problem from learned "mental content" or experience, the tool of choice is EMDR. But don't think just trauma or deficit. At least half of EMDR is done to build your cognitive and emotional strengths. EMDR is done face-to-face.
  • Biofeedback, and stress-management skills can convey large health benefits, but there is more. By building these skills, you gain the ability to reach the unique states of mind that elite athletes and others use to actualize their goals. Gain voluntary control of your body responses. Sidestep mental-blocks to success, and instead focus and refresh yourself, tuning your mind to the optimum state for your peak demand times. Biofeedback and stress-management training may be done face-to-face or as remote services.
  • There are specific Neurofeedback applications for peak performance. Total focus is associated with certain EEG activity in specific brain areas. Deep reverie states for performance rehearsal or for creative problem-solving are another combination. Build your ability to stay on-task, to turn off distracting mental chatter, to stay calm under presssure, to read social situations, to remember. Neurofeedback requires initial face-to-face sessions, then may be remote services.
  • To achieve some of these peak performance states there are complementary technologies, such as CDs or home-tech devices that actually can help. But you need to know which ones work, which meet your needs, and which might be wrong for you. Complementary technologies can be remote services included with coaching.
  • Along the way we determine whether there are constraints we can help you overcome. It may be legitimate for you to acknowledge but pass over various constraints, in order to focus on your goals for the consultation. In some cases we must strengthen an underlying resource so that you can directly address your original consultation goals.

Great people return from defeat.

When you learn the personal stories of great athletes, performers, business people, statesmen, you hear about returning from defeat. You understand that it builds character. The strongest among us have undergone some challenge. Often, at some time a person may have had a fairly minor loss of some ability. Then, many times a great capacity is developed in another behavior and the result is exceptional ability. But later at a certain high level of achievement and competition, it becomes necessary to mend that old loss. It may be forgotten, or may have gone unnoticed. Some people even fear that if they heal, they will sacrifice their unique strength. But here you can be confident. If a performance ceiling is due to behavior or brain function, your recovery is not a compromise - you gain greater ability.

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